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At Roger Williams, 我们努力发展关系,持续整个学生的整个大学生活. 我们的在校学生家庭和校友家庭都是RWU社区的一部分,从录取过程到他们在校园里以及其他地方.

Parent and Family Resources

Bristol Ferry Lighthouse



当出现问题或问题时,请知道我在这里支持你. 通过为学生和家庭提供强大的资源, 我试图让学生们有信心在不断发展的过程中取得成功, independent adult learners. When you have specific questions, unique circumstances, or if you are unsure of where to turn, I can be reached at 401-254-3042 or

Best wishes for your success and wellness,
Debbie Knapman 
Director of Student & Family Assistance

Student and family member at an event.

Student & Family Events

Orientation, Convocation, Commencement, Homecoming, 和家庭周末是家庭可以更好地了解罗杰威廉姆斯校园和布里斯托尔社区的美好时光.

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